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Top-Notch Nausea Bag for Daily Disaster Prevention

Everyone has experienced the sudden, messy fallout caused by car sickness, sticky foods, and other unpleasant bodily functions ruining an otherwise good time. For every potential disaster, Yak Sak® bags provide prevention, giving you peace of mind while you're on the go. Our fully sealable, foldable, and non-leaking vomit bag offers a comprehensive solution for life's messiest moments. Best of all, our stellar product can fit easily in a glove compartment, purse, pocket, or any other convenient location so it's always available.

The amazing Yak Sak® bag doesn't just work as a way to store messes for disposal, it also serves a number of other unique purposes. In its patented pass-through pouch, you can store accessories and personal items, like a moist towelette, breath mints, or motion sickness pills. Yak Sak® also make great emergency ice packs or small personal coolers in a pinch! Our heat-sealed, seamless, and uniquely foldable bags have two patents, which can be found here and here if you love reading up on the boring details. Order yours today and put over eight years of research and development on the best way to store daily messes to work.

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