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Five Star Yaks My son Evan gets car sick frequently. YAK SAK bags have saved our car's interior several times. We won't go on a road trip without having several YAK SAK bags in our car. —Misty J.

Five Star Yaks Our son's timing is impeccable. As soon as we get on the freeway and cannot exit for several miles, our son announces that he needs to pee NOW! All I can say is that the YAK SAK bag has passed the pee-pee test. —Meg S.

Five Star Yaks On a recent flight, a lady several rows in front of me got ill and filled her air sickness bag, but it wasn't big enough. I took three YAK SAK bags to the flight attendants. One bag was filled with ice and used as an ice pack for the lady's neck. The other two were given to the lady in case of further need. —Yak Sak® Staff Member

Five Star Yaks At a local amusement park, I have given away several YAK SAK bags to those in line for rides involving water so the riders could protect their cell phones by using the bags as personal wet sacks. —Yak Sak® Staff Member

Five Star Yaks On a recent football road trip that the group flew to Phoenix, rented a car, and stayed in a time share about 2 hours from the airport. Because we flew in, we did not have a cooler for drinks, and we did not want to buy one that we could not take back on the flight. Each member of the group was given YAK SAK bag into which two or three cans or bottles could be placed with some ice to keep the drinks cold. The YAK SAK bags worked beautifully as personal coolers, keeping the drinks cold. And after using them as coolers, we refolded them for reuse. —Yak Sak® Staff Member

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