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The Ultimate Travel Vomit Bags

At Yak Sak®, we take great pride in ensuring that our customers are only puking into the best product available. We've saved many a car interior over the years with our easily stored and easily identified, bright red barf bags. However, we've also found that our patented bags serve a number of other, surprising purposes. They work as amazing emergency ice packs (keep one in your gym bag), they keep electronics safe from water as inexpensive wet sacks, and even work as a handy, personal cooler for individual drinks!

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An Air Sickness Bag On Steroids

Each Yak Sak® bag has twice the capacity of those barf bags you steal from the airplane, is surprisingly light weight and easy to conceal and carry.  Each deluxe bag comes individually wrapped with an antimicrobial wipe. A regular old air sickness bags fail far too often, whereas our patented bag with seamless technology ensures that the worst messes stay where they belong: right in the bag! Whether your romantic walk on the beach is suddenly interrupted by improperly cooked shellfish or you need to store dog poop, tissues, or any number of the problematic byproducts of life, the Yak Sak® bag can hold anything you would rather not. Consider Yak Sak® bags for any and all of the following uses:

  • Motion Sickness
  • Morning Sickness
  • Dirty Diapers
  • Individual Cooler
  • Feminine Hygiene Products
  • Dog Poop
  • Nose Bleeds
  • Sticky Candy
  • Food Refuse Disposal
  • Emergency Ice Pack
  • Mint Storage
  • Tissue Storage
  • Accessory Storage
  • Medication Storage
  • Personal Electronics Wet Sack

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